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Bier 喪輿(상여, sang-yeo), Limousine for the underworld Bier Biers were used for transporting the bodies of the deceased to burial sites and were in small and large sizes. Initially carts were pulled by oxen, horses, or people, but the Jujagarye(Family Rites by Zhu Xi) changed the custom so that the biers were carried on people's shoulders. A bier resembled a palanquin and had long poles on both sides to be shouldered by 12 to 24 pallbearers. Most vi.. 2021. 3. 19.
Anticipating blossom-covered Spring Last spring, I broke through the 1st Corona Pandemic wave to invade Gyeongju as I could not stand the spring. When I entered Bulguksa Temple, a squishy spring opened up a paradise. 2021. 2. 14.
Three-story Stone Stupa from Seungsogol Valley of Mt. Namsan, Gyeongju Three-story Stone Stupa from Seungsogol Valley 慶州南山僧烧谷三层石塔 경주 남산 승소골 삼층석탑 From Seungsogol Valley of Mt. Namsan, Gyeongju Housed at the National Museum of Gyeongju Unified Silla Period, late 9th century Height 3.77m This stone stupa was found collapsed at a temple site in Seungsogol Valley where deep end of Mt. Namsan's slope, Gyeongju, and was moved to the museum and restored. Part of the stupa .. 2020. 6. 22.
담양潭陽 소쇄원瀟灑園 제월당霽月堂 Located at Damyang-gun County, Jeollanamdo Province, South Korea, Sosweawon or Sosaewon is a a typical Korean garden from the Joseon Dynasty era. Clean waters in the valley are flowing below the walls and falls through the small cataract into the lake. Originally constructed built in the 1520s and 11930s by Yang San-bo, who gave up his government position, the garden was partially burnt down dur.. 2019. 8. 5.
Gongnammun, the South Gate of Sangdangsanseong Fortress, Cheongju 淸州上黨山城控南門 / 청주 상당산성 공남문 Literally meaning the gate for controllig the south, Gongnammun is the main and south gate of Sangdangsanseong Fortress in Cheongju City, Chungcheongbuk-do Province. Originally built during the Three Kingdoms period, the fortress was comprehensively improved in 1596, the 29th year of King Seonjo’s reign during Imjinwaeran, the Japanese invasion of Korea in 1592, and later.. 2019. 8. 5.
담양 식영정潭陽息影亭 Sikyeongjeong Pavilion, Damyang-gun County, Cheollanamdo Province Boasting of a beautiful landscape, the Sikyeongjeong Pavilion has been said that even the shadow of the moon takes a rest here. Sikyeonggjeong, literally even the shadow of the moon takes a rest, is located between two mountains facing Gwangjuho Lake and Mudeungsan Mountain. It was established by Kim Seongwon in 1560 for his fathe.. 2019. 8. 4.
Tomb of King Sinmun, Gyeongju / 경주 신라 신문왕릉/ 慶州新羅神文王陵 Tomb of King Sinmun, Gyeongju Historic Site No. 181 This is presumed to be the tomb of King Sinmum, the 31st ruler of the Silla Kingdom. The king who reigned from 681 to 692 AD, was the eldest son of King Munmu who unified the Three Kingdoms. King Sinmun firmly established royal absolutism, improving the government system, and promoting national studies by establishing a national institute to tr.. 2019. 3. 31.
경기 양주 중종비 단경왕후 신씨 온릉(溫陵) Onreung, the tomb of Dangyeong, queen consort of King Jungjong of the Joseon dynasty, Yangju, Gyeonggido Province, Korea. Following the coup d’État of 1506, she became queen consort of the king. But being forced to deposed in only seven days, she passed away in 1557 without any child at the age of 70. She was restored to the position of queen consort in 1739 by King Yeongjo. 경기 양주 중종비 단경왕후 신씨 온릉.. 2019. 2. 18.
Five-storied Stone Stupa at Wanggunri Village Sunset over Five-storied Stone Stupa at Wanggunri Village, Iksan 益山 王宮里 五層石塔 익산 왕궁리 오층석탑 2019. 2. 15.
Hwaeomsa Temple, Gurye Is it possible to visit Hwaeomsa Temple next spring when red apricot blooms? 全羅南道 求禮郡 華嚴寺 紅梅 2018. 10. 5.
Cheomseongdae Located in central Gyeongju City, Cheomseongdae has been believed for so long an astronomical observatory, the oldest surviving one in Asia. Constructed in the 7th century in the kingdom of Silla, literally meaning star-gazing observatory, Cheomseongdae is at the center of controversy over it was an astronomical observatory. 2018. 10. 1.
DEPARTURE 엄마가 외친다. "벤또 놓고 갔데이" 2018. 9. 18.
Odusan Unification Observatory Located in Tanhyeon-myeon, Paju-si, Odusan Unification Observatory was erected in 1992 to console dispersed families and provide an educational site for the unification education.The observatory is situated in the northernmost ceasefire line of the western front where Hangang River, Seoul’s lifeline, and Imjingang River meet. It offers a wide view of Songaksan Mountain in Gaeseong to the north a.. 2018. 9. 9.
고향 My hometown, where I was born and grew up Leaving at the age of 19 Coming back at fifty, my father welcomes me. 2018. 8. 23.
성덕왕릉 귀부聖德王陵龜趺 성덕왕릉 귀부 聖德王陵龜趺 Tortoise-shaped Pedestal of Tomb of King Seongdeok 경상북도 유형문화재 제96호 Gyeongsangbuk-do Tangible Cultura Property No. 96 慶尚北道有形文化財 第96号 이 귀부는 신라 성덕왕(재위 702-737) 능 앞에 세운 비석 받침돌이다. 거북머리는 깨졌지만, 발은 앞으로 나아가려는 형상을 한다. 귀부 등 가운데는 비신碑身을 꽂은 네모난 홈이 있다. 이에 새긴 거북등 무늬나 당초문唐草紋은 8세기 전반 신라 왕릉에 건립된 귀부 제작 양식을 잘 보여준다고 평가된다. 비신과 머릿돌은 없어졌지만 경덕왕景德王 때 만든 것으로 삼국사기에 보인다. 무열왕릉武烈王陵과 서악동 귀부와는 같은 양식이고, 창립사지昌林寺址 귀부.. 2018. 6. 9.
Changgyeonggung Palace in Autumn Changgyeonggung Palace, Seoul 昌慶宮 / 창경궁 Located in centural Seoul, South Korea, Changgyeong is one of palaces constructed by the Joseon kingdom. It was built in the mid-15th century by King Sejong for his father, Taejong. It was originally named "Suganggung," but it was renovated and enlarged in 1483 by King Seongjong, at which time it received its current name. Many structures were destroyed du.. 2018. 5. 5.
Jeseoksa Temple Site From the Baekje Kingdom Period Iksan City,, Jeollanamdo Province 2018. 4. 11.
Praying For what? Today at Jogyesa Temple, Seoul 2018. 4. 3.
Manangyo Bridge, 만안교(萬安橋) Manangyo Bridge The bridge was specially built for the convenience of King Jeongjo(1776-1800) of the Joseon Dynasty and his procession for his annual trips to his father's tomb (his father, also called Sadose ja literally the ilI- Destined Crown Prince, was originally the Crown Prince, but was put to death locked in a wooden box by his own father King Yeongjo due to court intrigue). King Jeongjo.. 2018. 3. 30.
Spring over Silla and Tomb Spring has finally come over a twin-mounded tomb from the Silla kingdom period at Daereungwon, or the Great Tumuli Park , Gyeongju. 2018. 3. 29.
A cloudy Seoul? Seoul in Fog or Smog, do'nt know, maybe in both, Viewed from National Museum of Korean Contemporary History.Sejong Center for the Performing Arts in the center of the capital is located along the Sejongno, a main road that cuts through the capital city. 2018. 3. 26.